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FPL Fears

As we entered September, the Premier League had just started to get tasty. Arsenal had just beaten Manchester United in dramatic fashion, Chelsea had been, well, Chelsea again, and suddenly news spread around the group chats. Lads, there’s an international break this week. Nothing like watching international football to burst that early season excitement. Then again, watching England provides us with the rare opportunity to watch Jude Bellingham tearing it up and that’s certainly worth tuning in for. The international break is also a time for managers to regroup, replan and ponder their team selection. I’m not only talking about football managers but also the estimated 11.4million managers, including, you and I, that participate in Fantasy Premier League. “FPL” is football’s most played interactive game.  Now, you might be reading this thinking, surely it’s not something to write an entire blog post about? Perhaps that’s correct. The less that’s said about my measly performance in the