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What a VARCE!

What a VARCE!   A week’s a long time in football. It’s even longer when you realise it’s time for another international break. Yes, another one. In the absence of top-level domestic football, let’s discuss VAR. Specifically, another VAR cock up. To VAR or not to VAR has been a debate ever since it was introduced into our game years ago, and last week saw the debate heighten. So now is the time to look at VAR. The good, the bad, the future. The Lowe-Down. The Controversy: If you’ve been at all locked-in to the footballing world in the past 10 days, you’ll have not been able to avoid the chatter around VAR and the latest blunder. On 30 th September, Spurs entertained Liverpool in what looked to be a barnstormer of a game between two attack-minded and inform teams. However, just like the drunken uncle who ruins the birthday party, VAR stole the show. In the first half, Liverpool forward Luis Diaz ran through on goal, slotted the ball past the goalkeeper but was deemed to be offside and